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Saturday, March 10, 2012

In Memory of Sharon (Parrill) Hays

My friend Sharon who stepped up to a better world Febrary 6, 2012

The first part of last year I met a woman who wanted me to read and do a review for her children's book The Tumbleweed Family.

The Author, Sharon Hays liked my review well enough that she wanted me to review her book Mysteerie Manor, which I did and really enjoyed it.

So, when Mysteerie Manor II came out, you got it, I couldn't wait to continue my reading enjoyment so Sharon sent that one for reviewing too. 

And then came the ultimate.  An Opulent Tableau of Essence.  This beautiful book is made up of poetry, a lot of Sharon's own, as well as beautiful paintings created by artists from all over the world.  This compilation of art through words and the brush are indescribable.  It took a true artist to match the visual with the words of the poet.  And that's exactly what Sharon Hays was...a true artist. 

I've read many genres of books written by many authors.  I have yet to find an author with the artistic ability to write children books, stories about the paranormal and then turn around and create a book of this class. 

Most of the authors I read for are friends through internet only but once in a while I have the pleasure to meet them face to face.  Last year when my co-author Lillian Mort and I had our release party in New Port Richey, Sharon came up from Tampa.  She struck me immediately as being a person who enjoyed life to it's fullest.  Her laughter and smile came from the inside out and it showed, not just in her face and eyes, but through her actions and words.

Sharon and I kept in touch until a couple of months ago.  She emailed to say she was preparing for a raffle and wanted me to send her copies of my cookbooks.  I did but didn't hear back from her.  I emailed but got no answer.  Then yesterday I tried again and my email was returned.  I went to her facebook and left a message there.  You can't imagine my feelings when I received a message from someone who had read my message and had to tell me that Sharon had passed away. 

So Sharon, I know you're looking down as I tell the world what a talented person you were.  I can see you with your red hair, smile and Imogene Coca expressions entertaining the Angels with your laughter and talent.  I miss you my friend but will see you one day in the future.

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