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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Releasing Gillian's Wolves - Tara Woolpy

Gillian’s Endure the Scandal Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are so easy and yummy it’s sinful. They’re the perfect breakfast food for those days when your spouse’s sexual peccadilloes make front page news, or anytime you could use a little sweet buttery love. All you need is a cup of butter, ¾ cup of brown sugar, an egg, some vanilla, a cup of flour, 3 cups oats, 1 tsp baking soda and ½ tsp salt, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, 2-3 handfuls of raisins and a bag of chocolate chips.

Preheat the oven to 375. Cream the butter and sugar, dump in the egg and vanilla and blend. In another bowl mix up the flour baking soda and spices. Fold that mixture in with the butter/sugar/egg goop. Add oats, stir, add raisins, stir, add chocolate chips, stir. Form into cookies and bake for 10-15 minutes. Ignore the newspaper and enjoy with coffee and a good book.

Releasing Gillian’s Wolves – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat

“Jack, I don’t care what you do, I really don’t.  But,”  I paused until I was sure of his full attention, “you might want to keep it in your pants.  All deals are off if I wake some morning to find your dirty laundry all over the papers.”  Jack blanched, started to speak, stopped and simply nodded.  He sat back in his chair and watched me in silence as I ate my dinner.  He finished his drink.  We were both relieved when Mark rang the doorbell.  I nodded to Mark as he entered the kitchen.  “Hi, make yourself at home, there’s more salad in the bowl if you’d like.  I’ll clean up later.”  I turned to Jack.  “Excuse me, I have work to do,” and I exited out the patio door, down the steps and through the grass to the cabin.  I closed the door behind me and collapsed onto the couch before I let out the first sob.  The cabin air felt moist and hot, but I hugged myself close as I rocked back and forth, feeling it all crumble away.’

Gillian Wolf Sach is married to Congressman Jack Sach.  That’s if you can call it a marriage.  Gillian has played the part of being the “good wife” for years while Jack has played the part of being the “bad husband.”  It appears that if it wore a skirt and fell for his celebrity status, they were fair game for on the side activities.  But when Gillian became suspicious of his affair with an aide younger than their own daughter, something clicked.  In her own words “One day something, could be something unimportant that you’d usually gloss right over, something tips you over the line and things change.  You might not even know it at the time, but that’s when a bad marriage ends.”  And hers did.   She promised to stay with Jack until the end of the next election but made no promises after that. 

The day after the election Gillian left to first visit her daughter and then on to Amsterdam where her long time friend Edward was now living with his significant other Sam.  A trip that started as an attempt to collect herself and her feelings ended up becoming the beginning of a new life for Gillian.  But when she receives word that the FBI have a warrant out for her she sees the possibility of her new life slipping through her fingers. 

It seems like there is always a political figure ending up in the news due to their extramarital activities and I’ve often wondered why their spouse seems to stand by them.  Why not just leave, make them leave and/or divorce and get it over with.  After reading Releasing Gillian’s Wolves, I now have a bit more of an understanding as to why they stay.  There is always that slight hope of things changing, they feel the world will see them as the cause of the failure, the list goes on and on.  Gillian felt all of these but she also didn’t want the publicity that her family would be put through if the real truth regarding Jack came out.  And in the beginning she took the out that many, whether in the political eye or not, seem to take.  Ignore it and run away.  Sort of like “out of sight, out of mind.”  But that never works.  Problems must be faced to be solved.

When I first started reading Releasing Gillian’s Wolves I had no idea as to what it was going to be about.  It turned out to be a beautiful love story with a message that there can be life after love and that we all deserve to be happy.  I loved it!

Bats in the Boathouse Press
280 pages
ISBN# 978-0-9832033-0-8

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