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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Across the Red - Ken Farmer, Author


2 lbs. Jimmy Dean Hot Pork Sausage and 3 pounds of ground chuck.
Saute meat. Sprinkle meat with chili powder and cumin while sauteing.
Teaspoon of sea salt
8 Beef bullion cubes
1 large can tomato juice
Add about 1/2+ bottle of chili powder - a 2.75 oz bottle. (more later)
Add one large red onion, chopped.
Add one can of Hot Rotell Diced Tomatoes with habanero.
Sprinkle Red Pepper or Cayenne or both
Add about a tablespoon Cumin
Sprinkle liberally with coarse ground black pepper
Sprinkle liberally with white pepper
Chop 8 - 10 Jalapeno peppers
Add small can New Mexico green chilis

Simmer low about 6 hours covered. Add one ounce grated medium cheddar cheese
every thirty minutes until you have added at least 4 oz. (1/4 lb.)
Sprinkle slowly while stirring, 3 tablespoons of Masa flour.
Add more chili powder, salt, Louisiana Hot Sauce and cayenne (or Habanero) to taste.

It's better after 24 hours.  May need to add more red pepper or cayenne the second day.

Across the Red - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish

"Ma'am, I cannot tell you how sorry I feel for your loss.  I knew Billy through Ranger Hickman and I felt he had the makin's of a fine lawman."  He took her hands in his and gave them a gentle squeeze as she nodded, but said nothing.  The sight of tears streaming down her cheeks caused tears to rim his own eyes as well.  "If there is anythin' I can do for you...anythin'; a'tall, Miz Malena...please contact me over at the Sheriff's office."... He released her hands and tipped his hat as he moved to speak with the other relatives.

Billy Malena was just a kid and it was his first day on the job as a posseman.  He and Texas Ranger Bodie Hickman had been tracking a group of rustlers that had been hitting the ranches around the north Texas area.  They were taking top breed horses and were quickly wiping out the Rafter S Ranch in Cooke County.  Now it was up to a group of Marshals and Rangers to stop them.

I never read westerns!  I've never been a western movie fan and only promised to read this book because of my friend Larry.  Thank you Larry!!!!  Authors Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke have written a book that got me from the beginning.  It's so different from most books I read.  Where most have 1 or 2 main characters, this one has many that keep me rooting for each of them.  And the story... it's so real that I could actually see the events happening.  It held my interest to the point that I didn't want to put it down, even when I had to.  I actually finished it in 3 nights of reading.  As for the suspense, I thought I had the culprit nailed about 3/4 way through.  I hoped I was wrong... I wasn't, but I never would have guessed the final ending of this book.

This book would make a great movie.  And with all the many characters the cast could be a full line-up of stars.   Oh yeah... there is another book in this series titled Bass and The Lady which, even though it's a western, I will be reading!

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