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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slade's Destiny - The Witchcraft Wars Book 3 - Tracey Alley, Author

(A Tracey Alley Special)

2 X Rashers of Bacon
1 X Can of Corn Kernals 440 g
5 X Eggs
1 x Small bottle of cream 300 g
1 x Sheet of short crust pastry

Chop 2 rashers of bacon into bite sized squares and lightly fry
Add one can 440g of corn kernals
In large mixing bowl add 5 eggs and 300mg cream
Grate 1 cup of cheese into mixture and stir well combining all the ingredients
After well mixed pour mixture into a lined dish with the short crust pastry on the bottom
Cook in moderate over for approximately 30 mins or until you can insert a knife and it comes out clean.

x = 1 of or 2 of
1 can corn kernals or
1 x can corn kernals

Slade’s Destiny – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat and Think With Your Taste Buds

‘Ming could hear the click of armor and the rhythmic pounding of many, many feet as they drew closer.  She could feel her heartbeat increasing and pounding heavily in her chest, using the exercises and skills taught to her as a monk she tried to quiet her rapidly beating heart.  Panic and fear would only cause her to make mistakes; she needed a cool, clear and calm head.  It was one of the first lessons learned in the warrior training at the Black Lotus.  Less than an hour had passed before the group got their first look at the approaching army.  In spite of the lanterns it was still shadowy along the length of the underground roadway.  They could not be certain who they faced but she noted with a sense of relief that the army, and an enormous army at that, seemed to be primarily made of up the very dwarves that Zexsan had been leading them to see.  In the very back she could just make out a group of taller figures that indicated an almost equally large human following closely behind the dwarves.’

Ming is just one of the key elements that must put a stop to the witch Shallendara’s attempt to open the portals that will cause total destruction to their world.  Slade and his sister Ursula, as well as many others, have vowed to rescue their father King Erich after his kidnapping.  To do this they must stand against their older brother Ulrich who has taken over the throne.  Both realize his evilness and also the fact that he may have had a hand in the kidnapping as well as the death of their mother.  But time is running out.  Shallendara has learned what is required to open the portal.  She must acquire two of the three gemstones required for the opening.  When these two are brought together, the third will follow.  The mystery is her motive.  With the destruction of the world how does she expect to survive?  How can she be stopped?

Then there is Nexus who has worked with Shallendara as a joint quest to find the stones and open the portal.  But can she really trust him?  Is his motive real or does he have ideas of his own?  Will the two continue to work together or will they betray each other?

Book Three of the Witchcraft Wars has been a true page turner.  I couldn’t wait to see Slade’s Destiny would really become the end of the series or hopefully lead to a 4th.  I was completely surprised by the ending!  And to my delight, there are many possibilities for continuation.  Hopefully soon.  My advice, read the complete set of the Witchcraft Wars in order.  You won’t be disappointed.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ursula's Quest - Book Two of the Witchcraft Wars - Tracey Alley, Author

Vegetable Puffs
(One of Trunk and Tracey's favorite dishes)

4 sheets of puff pastry
1 small tin of champagne mushrooms, equivalent fresh if you can get it is preferable
1 medium sized tin of corn kernels, again fresh is better but depends on supply
1 small red capsicum chopped into small squares
Cup full of baby peas - fresh or frozen as you can get
Cup of tasty cheese grated
Tablespoon of Sweet Chili Sauce

Cut the pastry sheets into four squares each and set aside.
Combine all the vegetables and cheese, add sauce and mix well.
Spoon a small amount into each square and fold up the pastry giving it a small twist to the end.
Place in a medium oven and cook for about 20 minutes, or until pastry is golden brown.

Serve as an entree with extra chili sauce or as a unique way of getting kids to eat their veggies.

Ursula’s Quest Book Two of the Witchcraft Wars – Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat
“Tell me Slade, do you know much about the legend of the Temple of Life?”  “Yes, it’s a very old legend.  It comes from Kemet I think.  Something about the gods building a temple to guard a portal that supposedly led to the realm of the gods.  I don’t remember all of it but it’s nothing more than a legend.”  “But what if the legend were true?”  Slade started to laugh until he saw how serious Nikolai was; he actually believed in the myth.  “You may well laugh but I have come across many strange things in my studies.  Strange and troubling things,” Nikolai said.  “About the Temple?”  “Yes and no.  I believe that outside the legend itself very little has ever been said or is known about the Temple.  I have, however, discovered from my research that portals from one dimension to another do actually exist.”  Slade looked hard at Nikolai, his immediate thought was that the necromancer’s brain had been addled from the blow to his head, but he could see that Nikolai clearly believed what he was saying was the truth.  “What other dimensions?  There is only this world and the realm of the gods,” Slade said eventually.  “To the sight and understanding of most people that is true but I assure you I have found that we are but one of many different dimensions.”  “I don’t understand.  Do you mean other worlds like our own or…” Slade trailed off, he didn’t even really know how to frame the question.’
In book one of the Witchcraft Wars, Slade, as well as several others that escaped with him, are traveling in hopes of finding the answer to his dreams where he believes his father High King Erich is talking to him.  In his first dream he was told to follow the trunk which turned out to be a human that helped him in his escape.  In his second dream his father sends him on a search for the Dragon Clan hopes of finding the Great Dragon.
Ursula, Slade’s sister, is having dreams of her own that she believes are coming from their father.  In her dream King Erich tells her to search the ruins for the key.  So with the help of Ming, her childhood playmate, as well as three others that join them, she finds herself deep in the Temple looking for the answers and the key.  As it turns out, there are three keys that must be found and so far Ursula knows of one while Trunk knows of the second.
Both brother and sister must complete their mission before the war between the kingdoms gets underway and before the witch known as Shallendara finds the key herself.  Shallendra’s quest, so it appears, is to use the key to open the portals to the gods and increase her own powers.  But, opening the portals will not only destroy the world but Shallendara too will be destroyed. 
As in Book One of the Witchcraft Wars, author Tracey Alley has created a story that holds you spellbound and hoping that someone will find the key soon before all is lost.  I’m again anticipating Book Three to see who the holder of the third key turns out to be.  And to see if Ursula and Slade are able to save the world from the destruction caused by Shallendara.  With author Tracey Alley, anything could happen, good or bad.

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