The Tourist Killer - F. C. (Chip) Etier, Author

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Home Made Ice Cream
(My recipe is for home made ice cream and includes my mother's "secret" ingredient, whipped cream. 'Chip')

Ingredients (makes 2 quarts)
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
4 eggs, slightly beaten
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 dash nutmeg
2 cups (1 pint) heavy cream
1 (14 oz.) can sweetened condensed milk

Combine ingredients (except for the whipping cream) into a boiler and warm on stove top.
Pour into 2-quart churn container.
Whip 2 cups heavy cream (DO NOT use non-dairy whipped topping). 
Fold in whipped cream. 
Add paddles and start cranking!

The Tourist Killer - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of:  Stir, Laugh Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; and A Book and A Dish

Only the best.  How many times had the assigner used that term in their numerous but brief conversations? She worked hard not to stand out in a crowd.  Hell, I'm a grandmother who could make a longshoreman blush, she would say of herself. Her efforts to blend in were assisted by her genes.  At five-five, medium build, light brown hair, brown eyes and a preference for conservative attire, she could disappear in a crowd in the blink of an eye. After thirty years and all of her previous assignments, it was hard to surprise her, yet her next mark was a true surprise.

Claudia Barry is a hired hit 'woman.'  It's something she has been doing for most of her life, starting with the person who was responsible for the death of her father.  Do these 'kills' bother her?  Not really.  After researching each kill, she has always found that the target actually deserves to be taken out of society.  She sees herself as a Paladin or possibly even a modern day Joan of Arc.

The Tourist Killer took me by surprise.  The more I read the more I actually understood what is really going on in the world today, especially in the area of politics.  With every group of people introduced I couldn't help but think 'super pac.'  They are the people that truly dictate what goes on in all fields of our lives.  They control everything from the people we elect, to the medical research fields, the insurance and banking industries, and even the sports we watch. This book The Tourist Killer put this into a prospective I've never considered.  It was an eye opener.  But that wasn't all.  It was also a page turner full of suspense as Claudia prepares for her next hit and you can bet I’ll be waiting to read the book that follows – The Presidents Club.  So, if you too enjoy a book full of surprises and suspense, you don’t miss this one.


  1. FC Etier said...

    Thanks for the review Martha, and also for the opportunity to share a favorite recipe!

  2. Martha Jane Orlando said...

    Great review, Martha! Yes, I've read The Tourist Killer, and I couldn't agree with you more. It is a page-turner - so well-written and full of suspense and adventure.

  3. Art Hoffman said...

    I guess I should not be too surprised that with only weeks to go before the election you might find a way to connect your review to that momentous event. Though with Big Brother watching our every move, might want to tread cautiously in segueing from a book featuring a hired assassin to presidential politics. :-) Enjoyed your observations here and have to agree: it was a page turner. And also enjoyed your ice cream recipe. One of my favorite all time treats!

  4. Kaydee said...
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  5. Kaydee said...
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  6. Kaydee said...

    Martha, I enjoyed your review! Especially since it would be just what I would say if I had any writing skills and could put it so eloquently ! Isn't is always just that way though that when you find a new cerebral author you want more? I do and I can't wait for the next book! Claudia is my new hero!

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