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Scare Me - Richard Parker, Author

(This is my favorite appetizer that's very easy to cook but looks really impressive.  The batter is bubbly, light and crispy because of the chilled soda water.  If you don't like scallops I'd suggest whole mushrooms, discs of sweet potato or trimmed spring onions/scallions.  The great thing about this recipe is that it doesn't need to be too precise.  Adjust it for your own taste and add any seasonings or spices you like - turmeric is a favorite if you want a yellow rather than red look to the batter.  You can use chilled beer instead of soda water.  Richard Parker)

King Scallops - allow at least two per guest.
2 cups of plain flour
1 cup of Corn Flour
Tbsp Smoked paprika
Tbsp Garlic Salt
Tbsp Chilli Flakes
Bottle of Chilled Soda WaterOilLimesSeasoning

Cut limes into wedges.
In a mixing bowl combine both flours, smoked paprika( It's worth tracking down smoked rather than plain paprika because it has an entirely different depth of flavor), chili flakes, garlic salt and seasoning.  Gradually add chilled soda water and stir until you have a batter that has the same thickness as paint.  Don't worry if it's lumpy.  Thick is better than thin.
In a wok or deep pan heat oil until hot enough for deep frying.  Test with a drop of batter to make sure it crisps on contact.
Dip scallop in mixture and coat.  Drop it in oil for thirty seconds max and then remove with slotted spoon.  Place onto kitchen paper to get rid of excess oil and serve in batches.  Eat with lime wedges and rock salt. Chili jam is also good. Let your guests have a few mouthfuls each and cook another batch.
Beware - guests will eat this as long as you keep serving it up!
Scare Me - Review by Martha A. Cheves, Author of Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A Dish
***Poppy wondered if he'd locked himself in his bedroom but she had the key to that as well.  It looked like blind panic had won out, howeer.  She met Brett when she was a third of the way up the stairs.  He was naked from the waist down.  She jabbed a taser into the center of his chest and he dropped like he'd been fileted.  He juddered down the rest of the staircase on his spine and his tee shirt rode up his back.  She followed his body to the bottom.  Then she took the same broad-bladed sushi knife she'd used on the rest of the family out of the pocket of her robe.  Poppy pushed it into his stomach and his spasms haulted.  He turned to face her with incredulity.  She gripped the handle firmly and draged it towards her.  She felt it hot on the heel of her hand but Poppy didn't see the blood, had prefected the art of creating blind spots where she needed them.  Like biting down on her lip and not feeling it... as she slipps out of the white robe and kicked off her flip-flops, she only vaguely registered the footprints of blood she left before diving into the pool.  She didn't hae to worry about leaving fingerprints or hair strands because Poppy didn't really exist.***
Will is CEO of Ingram International.  He has great plans for his wife Carla and daughter Libby as they celebrate Will and Carla's nineteenth anniversary.  He plans to spend a few days with his wife and daughter before she leaves the nest and moves in with her boyfriend and father of her unborn child.  But things are about to happen that will change his comfortable world into total hell. 
After receiving a light night call asking "When did you last google yourself, Mr. Frost?" Will's gut feeling told him things weren't quite right.  After inserting his own name he ended at a site that brought up pictures of his house that had been taken through the windows.  Then he found pictures of his daughter Libby and her boyfriend Luke tied together in a livestock shed. 
After being shown pictures of 6 houses, Will is instructed to travel to 5 locations around the world on a sort of scvanger hunt to retrieve items belonging to Libby.  The 6th house on the list is his own and this is where it will all come together and possibly make sense.
Will's 1st house is in the U.S. in the state of Florida.  There he must go and retrieve his first item but before he gets there the house's picture is opened showing inside pictures.  Pictures of the family.  All are dead leaving Will to enter the house before the police arrive and find the item he needs.  Knowing now what to expect from the other 4 houses, Will doesn't know how he will be able to go through this little game of scavanger hunt but knows he must if he wants to save his daughter.
I've made this statement about other books I've read but I have to say Scare Me really does live up to these words... This Was A REAL Page Turner.  I don't think I've ever read a book that is so descript in details yet one that I simply couldn't put down.  And to make it even better, Author Richard Parker tells me that the Hollywood movie rights have already been acquired by Relativity Media and Wentworth Miller is currently contracted and working on the screen adaptation.  This is a movie I don't want to miss, even if I do have to look away when it gets too gory.  As for the actors maybe Angelina and Brad?
So if you're looking for a good late night keeper upper, I've just found it for you. 

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